Proposal to re-surface the Play Area at Hine Town Lane



Proposal for improvement of the Hine Town Recreation Ground Play Area

As you may have noticed, the Hine Town Lane Play area has historically had a fibrous cushioning material safety surface; this is prone to degrade and blow away; this also varies in depth in places and is becoming very expensive to re-surface every 18 months to two years. 

The Council is now proposing to install a substantive ‘Tigermulch’ surface which should last at least 10 years, which is safe, less messy, and will not be prone to the degradation in the way the existing surface is. 

Tigermulch is a safe, approved material which uses shredded tyres and a binder material. It provides excellent cushioning and is largely maintenance-free. The cost of providing ‘Tigermulch’ is around £25,000 excluding VAT (which we can recover.) 

The Council is seeking a Public Works Loan to finance the cost of completely re-surfacing the play area with ‘Tigermulch’, and looking to borrow some £25,000 over some 10 years. These are loans available to local authorities which are secured on the basis of council tax receipts. 

The Council has budgeted to meet the cost of improvements to the Hine Town Lane Play area and will be able to meet the expected loan repayments of circa £2,700 per annum without any increase in Council Tax. We will keep you advised with regard to the progress of this project; if we can secure the necessary funding. 

We will let you know when we hope that the work can be completed. If you have any comments to make in relation to this proposal, please email Shillingstone Parish Council. 

David Green, 

Clerk Shillingstone Parish Council